For some years, Sigalit Landau has pursued her vision of building a bridge, pier, or float that would function as a meeting point in the Dead Sea’s waters, offering the people of all national entities in the area of Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority a new way of experiencing and sharing the Dead Sea. The Salt Bridge is a plan to create such an intervention.

An utopian gesture and a culmination of everything this lake can and should be. This is a realistic vision that considers the needs of the surrounding people’s and existing accords between them. Creating this project will be "making history"; shifting the focal point in the Dead Sea area from industry and destruction to cultural creation and exchange, from an environmental catastrophe and economic benefits for few to sustainable and inclusive regional development. It has the potential to attract diverse audiences and offer a unique meeting platform and a meaningful artistic existential experience. 


We will be creating a new gaze and perspective from a rare point of view in a sea which is potent but lifeless. We are establishing this perspective from an asphalt spewing lake that had covered the cities of Sodom and Gomorra. Where the ground breaks away into and bellow the lowest place of our planet. In the midst of all this we are aiming to build a site and a symbol to connect people through shared experiences.

The Sea will echo our intentions by coating the Salt Bridge with massive salt crystals. Reacting to the political and geological situation – this intervention is both an act and a call for continuous actions. This is the artist in [her] nature, whose voicing what we have become deaf to. We need to make peace with this exploited land and we need to make peace.

Growing the political in the aesthetics,
the aesthetics in the ethics,
and the ethics in the political
(For almost two decades).

President Shimon Peres, Sigalit Landau



Studio Landau is seeking seed money needed to achieve a concrete and applicable plan which can then be priced.

Studio SIGALIT LANDAU and LICRA would like to invite you to join them in this unique creative opportunity to bring upon change.

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Budget and Disclaimer:

Seed money is needed for creating a practical plan and budget. The money we will hopefully raise cannot guarantee success, but only the chance to get as close as possible to our vision.


Money invested in the projectwill not be returned in the event that Salt Bridge fails to materialize.

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f you would like to engage with the Salt Bridge in other ways, please do not hesitate to let us know – we are open to all modes of cooperation and look forward to hearing from you.

Salt Bridge
Public Art Project - The Dead Sea, Israel


General information, press inquiries and project support:


The Dead Sea, which Israel and Jordan share, is an ancient highly saline lake located along a deep and long divide within the rift valley between Syria and Africa. At almost 450 meters below sea level, the Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth. For Sigalit Landau, the sea represents the persistent painful separation between Israel and the Arab World. The sea's many paradoxes are powerful and highly metaphoric: incredible history and unique archeological findings – all of which have spurred the mythological imagination. 

Due to ever-increasing human water consumption, the level of the Dead Sea has decreased at an alarming rate of more than one meter per year since 1970. The diversion of freshwater tributaries for irrigation has contributed to this phenomenon. In addition, vast amounts of Dead Sea water are drained for the commercial extraction of extract potash, magnesium, bromide, and other minerals. Water consumption by industries has accelerated the decrease in the water level, volume, and surface area, leaving erosion terraces on both sides of the lake as well as opening hundreds of sinkholes along the shores of the northern basin.


About - Sigalit Landau

With this and many other projects, artist Sigalit Landau examines the intersections of beauty, pain, and history. Known for exploring the Israeli landscape through many genres, Landau's interdisciplinary art includes installation, video, sculpture, painting, and drawing. Rich in detail, Sigalit Landau's extensive body of work is a product of her historical and cultural vision. Her work is defined by an inventive and intriguing use of materials, most prominently seen in her sculptures covered with salt crystals, made from objects that she immersed in the Dead Sea. These sculptures carry a distinct beauty alongside the suggestion of loss and destruction. Her exhibitions are planned as giant installations that communicate with their surroundings. They bear witness to the enduring passion and forcefulness with which she, as a woman and an Israeli, channels anxieties about pressing contemporary issues, both regional and universal.

Sigalit Landau has had solo exhibitions at MoMA (curated by Klaus Biesenbach), KW (curated by Gabriela Horn), the Israel Museum (curated by Yigal Zalmona and Sarit Shapira), as well as Witte de With and MACBA (both curated by Bartomeu Mari). She has participated in Documenta X (curated by Cathrine Davide) and represented Israel at La Biennale di Venezia in a three-person show in 1997 (curated by Sarah Breitberg-Semel) and a solo show in 2011 (curated by Jean de Loisy and Ilan Wizgan). Her works are included in premier public collections including New York’s MoMA and Brooklyn Museum, Paris’s Centre Pompidou, Jerusalem’s Israel Museum, Barcelona’s MACBA, Stockholm’s Magasin III, Krakow’s MOCAK, as well as private collections such as the Rubell Family collection, the Jose Mugrabi collection, and the Zabludowicz collection. In 2016, Landau was awarded the Sandberg Prize of the Israel Museum, and in 2017 she was named Chevalier of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.


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